• Board Reviews
  • Governance Reviews
  • Nominations and Governance Committee Advice
    including succession planning
  • Audit and Risk Committee Evaluation
  • Stakeholder Engagement Advice
    including investors and regulators

Client Services

Our core service is a Board Review product which is modelled on the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code. This meets the need for an externally facilitated board evaluation which every FTSE company with a Premium Listing is required to undertake at least once every three years.

Increasingly other organisations are complying with the Code as corporate governance best practice, including listed companies outside the FTSE 350, privately-held companies, publicly-owned bodies and major charities and foundations.

In addition to the Board Review product, we also offer more tailored Governance Reviews, often assisting clients with meeting the needs of their regulators. We also conduct more focused assignments, where needed, for example working with boards and their nomination committees on skills audits and succession planning issues.

We bring substantial professional and board experience to each assignment. We start by fully understanding the client business, its challenges and risks, and by reviewing board, committee and other papers. We always interview directors and members of the senior management team. We work with outside advisers and regulators, if asked. We conclude by facilitating debate and discussion of our recommendations.